Maintenance of Process and Storage equipment are usually to ensure they are in a state to meet the optimum need for produced Oil and Gas processing and storage in the upstream sections.

These maintenance activities in the Pressure vessels and Storage Tanks are high risk job due to presence of hydrocarbons and working in a confined space.

  • Our personnel who are both trained and certified can carry out a range of duties on both Onshore and Offshore sites.

The range of services under our Process & Equipment Maintenance includes:​

  • Shutdown & Non Shutdown Pressure Vessel Cleaning, Hydro-testing for Intrusive Inspection.
  • Crude Oil Storage Tanks Maintenance
  • Bolt Torqueing/ tensioning Services

Pressure Vessel Cleaning Services.

This activity covers the basic requirements for scaffolding, hot bolting, Isolation and draining, spading, opening of manhole, ventilation, removal/replacement of items like, but not limited to: instrument (if any), depleted anodes+supports, filters, vane packs, bursting disc, insulation & lagging.

This also involves Personnel vessel entry, monitoring with gas detector, mechanical cleaning of sludge, removal of equipment inside vessel, closing of manholes after inspection, un-spading and connection, painting touch-up, inspection, leak test (where applicable) for all the scheduled vessels for the intrusive inspection.