Oil and Gas Equipment when neglected can lead to serious Corrosion problems, when these are not electrochemically protected.

Integrated Oil Shore services Nig Ltd (IOSS) provides an integrated planning approach utilizing trained personnel’s and modern world class equipment in providing Corrosion prevention and control services. Personnel are trained for design and installation of cathodic protection system, troubleshooting or failure analysis of cathodic protection systems, Survey and monitoring.

The range of services under our Corrosion Survey/Control and Maintenance services includes:

  • Corrosion Control using Cathodic Protection (CP) Principle and Technique
  • Corrosion Control using Close Interval Potential Survey(CIPS)
  • Corrosion Control using Direct Current Voltage Gradient
  • TR trouble shooting and Repairs
  • Deepwell / Horizontal Anode Groundbed Installations
  • Blasting / Painting of Land and Swamp Structures.

Offshore CP Assessment using the Fishing Method

This involves immersion of the AgCl / AgCl ref electrode attached to a calibrated 5metre cable reel and a marine rope into the sea to check the CP effectiveness and protection status of platform jacket Legs

Trouble Shooting of Transformer rectifiers (TR)

INTEGRATED OIL SHORE SERVICES NIGERIA LIMITED CP technicians carrying out installation of current interrupters in a Negative Junction box to monitor the cathodic protection status of pipelines on instantaneous off position and record readings as appropriate to meet NACE CP Criterion of -850Mv with reference to CSE